Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Video Editing Workshop NYC
Premiere Pro Video Editing Workshop NYC

Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro


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This hands-on introductory level course covers the fundamentals of Adobe Premiere Pro. The class will introduce students to the key concepts, terminology, and interface of Premiere. Topics include editing techniques, layers, transitions, key framing, effects, titles, rendering and output. 



  • Best Practices 
  • Asset Organization
  • Project Management
  • Editing Techniques
  • Trimming & Refining Clips
  • Working With Tracks & Timelines
  • Working With Stills & Graphics
  • Creating Effects & Transitions
  • Controlling Clip Speed
  • Using Color Correction & Image Adjustment
  • Creating Titles
  • Sharing & Exporting
  • Rendering & Output

Why students love this class:

This is my second time taking a class at Spectrum and being taught by Laura. All excellent. The course covers the basics - I feel almost ready and qualified to make a small film of my own now, immediately. Picture, sound, soundtrack, titles, color correction all are taught in a way that is interesting and easy to grasp. Thank you!
— Christopher, Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro