Private Tutorial (2-Hours)

Private Training Web Graphic Design NYC
Private Training Web Graphic Design NYC

Private Tutorial (2-Hours)

from 450.00

Daily 7am-10pm ET. Onsite sessions available upon request.


  • Mo, Oct 28 (all)

  • Tu, Oct 29 (all)

  • Th, Oct 31 (all)

đź•“Scheduling Requests: Text date/time to 347.378.9610

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Learn essential Web Design & Graphic Design tools and techniques at your own pace with private 1-on-1 training. This customized training option is ideal for anyone with unique training needs or specific project goals that may fall outside of the format of group workshops. Private sessions are appropriate for beginner to intermediate skill levels. Students may either bring their own laptop and materials or use the studio's MacBook Pro and tutorial materials. Topics may include Graphic Design, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Bridge), HTML, CSS, and Squarespace.

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Why students love our Private Tutorials:

11/10 would recommend! My training instructor Laura was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and patiently answered the million questions I had. Sometimes twice when I didn’t remember after the first time! Also, very friendly and on time!
— Rachel, Private Tutorial
The training session was amazing! I have tried to learn Illustrator before in other classes but it never really “stuck” or felt intuitive until now. Laura really knows her stuff and she organized the session around how I need to apply it. Definitely a breakthrough, thank you!
— Nell, Private Tutorial
I have taken many courses in Illustrator all over NYC and was never fully able to process how to use the program until it was taught to me by Laura. I highly recommend Laura for any classes she offers at Spectrum Creative Consulting.
— Christina, Private Tutorial
The one on one was perfect. My instructor was very patient and made sure I knew exactly what to do and that I could do it before the session ended.
— Laura S., Private Tutorial
Extremely helpful and I definitely recommend this!
— Stephanie J., Private Tutorial
Instructor was super patient and knowledgeable. She also provided me with methods that weren’t talked about in online tutorials. I left the session feeling good about what I had learned.
— Luis C., Private Tutorial
Laura was very good and very professional and I was very comfortable how she teaches step by step. I wish class was little longer. Thanks. Toshi
— Toshi S., Private Tutorial
Laura was very nice and tailored the lesson around my projects, which was really helpful. She also kept me on track without being rude, to make sure we covered everything I wanted to learn. (I tend to talk a lot!)
— Melissa E., Private Tutorial
Amazing, Laura is wonderful.
— Student, Private Tutorial
Loved the class. Laura was very attentive, knowledgeable and helpful.
— Student, Private Tutorial
It’s great. I would definitely go back.
— Michael U., Private Tutorial
Instructor was patient and extremely helpful. In addition, the instruction was targeted and I left feeling confident and more skilled. I would definitely take a class with this instructor again.
— Kalisha R., Private Tutorial
My instructor was very attentive and helpful in helping me understand the mechanics of achieving the effects I was after while understanding that I needed to cover a lot of issues in a short amount of time. Also, she instructed affably and with patience.
— Luis C., Private Tutorial
Really helpful. Pleasant and friendly instructor. I left with the tools I needed to start building my own site. Would definitely recommend.
— Heather S., Private Tutorial
Very informative and helpful!
— Donovan M., Private Tutorial
I like the flexibility and organic nature of the instruction. There was not one rigid way of instruction that couldn’t be deviated from.
— Michael, Private Tutorial
Laura was great and I learned a lot of helpful tips.
— Student, Private Tutorial